Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Getting Ready for Guild Day

I had hoped to finish this project from April’s Karen Eckmeier “Happy Villages” workshop before the Guild meeting Wednesday, but it’s not going to happen.  At least I’m closing in on it and should be able to wind it up shortly.  Fortunately, this month’s workshop should not result in new a project. 

I also completed 10 anti-ouch pouches this month bringing my total to 64 for 2016. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Finish

The first project from my workshops with Karen Eckmeier is finished.  This was her Accidental Landscapes class.  It finished at 12 X 15 inches and was a lot of fun to put together.  The technique is way outside my usual projects and I’m so glad I had the exposure, even though it may not be one I pursue again anytime soon.

This was the first project I finished using a facing.  I used a “Super-Duper Easy To Face a Quilt” tutorial which can be found at The Silly BooDilly.  I intend to use this technique again and have bookmarked the site for future reference.

Our unusually cool weather this week has made walking delightful.  I especially love watching the birds.  The Kildees I posted about earlier are out of the nest and running in all different directions.  They are so cute, but far too difficult to photograph now.  My favorite birds are the water fowl we get to see around our neighborhood ponds.  This fellow stood very still for me.  He looks kind of scraggly, I hope that’s just normal molting.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Sew-full Day

Tuesdays are my Sit ‘N Sew day with friends, a time I treasure and try to protect.  Yesterday was a pretty productive one.

Two anti-ouch pouches.  I really like this butterfly fabric that came in the kits.

Several triangle units for my Sue Garman Good Golly project.

And during the evening, I worked on a little landscape piece from one of the Karen Eckmeier workshops I attended in April.  I'll have to post a picture at a later date because I forgot to take one.

I regularly pass this Kildee’s nest on my walks.  The focus is not great because I was keeping my distance when taking this photo.  Even so Mama and Papa Kildee were putting on quite a “chase me, I have a broken wing” show.

I had hoped to indulge in Quilt-Cam last night; but, sadly, modern technology failed me.  After several page crashes on two different devices, I gave it up.  Had I been thinking clearly, I might have tried one of the archived sessions.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Quuilty 365

Where did April 2016 go?  I’m not sure what happened, but life certainly got in the way of making circle blocks…. only 15 in April bringing me to a total of 103. 

Most of these blocks use gifted fabrics including the five I received in the mail from Debbie and dumpster diving finds at the Club House.  It’s always so much fun using other people’s fabric choices and it adds happy memories to the piece.  

I begged this little fellow from a Tuesday friend who was making a pillowcase for a grandchild.

I’m linking up with others who are participating in Quilty 365 at Quilty Folk.

We woke up to a temperature of 47 degrees this morning, not quite the record low of 41 degrees. 

I’ll be heading out shortly to join my Tuesday sewing friends at the Club House.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The applique group I joined has its monthly meeting this afternoon.   So, I spent part of last night and this morning prepping my hexagon quilt for appliqueing it to the border fabric.  

The border fabric I chose is a Kaffe Fasset design with a very large motif.  I am trying to manage the borders so the print is somewhat symmetrical.  Since I’m kind of making this process up as I go, I hope it works.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hodgepodge Tuesday

Tuesdays are my day to sew with friends at the “club house” we rent.  Yesterday I worked on multiple projects.  I completed two anti-ouch pouches and then switched back to paper piecing units for my Good Golly quilt.  I finally had to quit when my Singer 404 started getting rebellious.  I think the problem was a new bobbin I was trying to use.

While watching The Voice I finished knitting a dishcloth I had started over the weekend.  I finished the last stitch just as the keeper of the remote control switched to Wicked Tuna...definitely not my kind of show.  

I picked up this cone of cotton yarn at a thrift store in 2013.  I don’t expect to ever use it up, but it’s a good go-to source for handwork when nothing else is readily available.  

Monday, April 25, 2016

Time to Catch my Breath

We spent the weekend at the ranch where rent-a-kid helped his grandpa repair a trailer bed.  During the downtime I resurrected my Good Golly project by Sue Garman which had been lying in wait for several weeks.  It was already gathered in a project box and easily transportable on short notice. 

I confess Wanda's current triangle project is inspiring me to get back to work on it.  Unlike mine, she has created her own design and it has been fun watching her project grow.

With two workshops last week and the trip to the ranch on the weekend, I feel like a real travelling quilter.  Time to put the C.R.A.P. (that’s “Creative Resources and Projects” per Vicki Welsh) back into some semblance of organization so I can rediscover my sewing room.

Our last two winters have been exceptionally mild and the bottlebrush plant by our front door is really thriving.