Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Festivities Have Begun

I join friends for a day of sewing every Tuesday.  Today was our holiday gathering and, honestly, there was more eating than sewing.  Chocolate was involved.  It was fortunate that my weigh-in was yesterday and I’m not scheduled for another one until January.

I managed to complete a few bow tie blocks using some of the fabric Debbie sent. 

…And there was some dumpster diving (I have no shame) for more scraps to add diversity to the project.

Tomorrow is the Guild Christmas party.  I am quite sure there will be chocolate there too.  Then, hopefully a return to saner eating habits.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Squishy Mail and Potholders

I took advantage of a very wet weekend with no urgent need to be out and about to replenish my basket of potholders for gift giving.  I completed 16 in all and I was very happy this task did not morph into yet another UFO.  They came entirely from stash and are strictly utilitarian in nature.  Even the centers were castoff terry cloth towels and heat resistant batting remnants that a friend was going to trash.

I also received a sweet squishy envelope from Debbie at Stitchin' Therapy.  When she saw a recent post about my scrappy bow tie blocks she kindly forwarded some scraps for it.  A bonus was that many of these cuts were already 1 ½ inches wide, the starting dimension for the sub-units.  Thank you so much, Debbie!  I have already cut them up and have them sitting by my machine. 

There is always one week in the Christmas season during which everything social seems to get scheduled.  This is the week for me and I am so glad I had the slow weekend in which to catch my breath.  After two very moist weeks that brought us more than 2 inches of rain, the weather is expected to start clearing and cool down some more.  Lights are going up all over town and it’s beginning to look and feel very much like Christmas.

Monday, November 28, 2016

A Finish at Last

The project I’ve been machine quilting for months is finally finished.  The design is by Jill Finley and was a project that grew out of a workshop we had with her in March of 2014.  It was a good project to practice quilting feathers.  I hope whatever goes under the needle next moves along at a quicker pace!😊

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Playing With Scraps Again

I’ve been dumpster diving at retreats and the Club House; begging, purchasing, and swapping, remnants with friends; and diving into my own stash.  Time to get busy making some more bow tie blocks.  Here’s what I have so far. 

The hardest part of making these units is trying to figure out how to press the seams.  I thought I had it sorted out by twirling seams so they would nest.  Then I laid two blocks side by side according to the pattern only to find that results in a very bumpy join.  I think the best solution will be to press seams open.  The bow tie units finish at 2 inches.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching

My goal is to have the binding finished on this quilt by Wednesday so I’ll have a project for Show and Share at our Guild meeting.  It’s going to be a push, so there may be some binge TV watching in my future.  If I feel like I'm stressing my hands too much, though, the project will have to wait for another meeting.

After an extremely wet start to November, the days have turned sunny and pleasantly cool.  The insects have been going bonkers over the blooms on our bottle brush plants.  I was surprised to see this shot captured a bee in flight as well as the butterfly I was aiming for.  They were both after the same blooms and the bee kept pestering the butterfly.  I noticed that she was not in the least intimidated and stood her ground.

Linking up with Slow Stitching Sunday today.

Slow Sunday Stitching

Thursday, November 10, 2016


It’s been a while since I posted a progress report on my hexagon piecing project based on a pattern by Edyta Sitar.   All the center diamond units are complete and I’ve added a couple more rosettes. 

Two of my Christmas cacti are in bloom.

And, I’ve been busily cutting up perfectly good fabric so I can sew it back together again.  These are some cuts I received in a scrap swap with a friend.  I’ve got a wonderful collection of batiks up next.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Back From Houston!

I received an invitation to accompany a friend to the Houston Quilt Festival this week and stay as a house guest at her daughter’s lovely home.  What a treat it was. 

I was so busy absorbing the sights and sounds of the event that I took very few pictures.  This prize winner, however, took my breath away. 

I didn’t come home empty handed by any means.  I made two purchases, both of them extravagant.

For several years, I’ve wanted to see if I could find a really good fitting thimble.  My hands are small and it’s not that easy to find ones that are comfortable.  

Here is what I came home with.  This thimble is made by TJ Lane.  It is sterling and has a lifetime warranty.  The price hurt, but the thimble feels wonderful on my hand.

And, this little girl followed me home too.  For some time, I’ve wanted a retreat/workshop machine with a good blanket stitch.  I love my vintage straight stitch machines.  They are still my favorite for piecing, but often they don’t meet workshop requirements.  The machines I have that do meet those requirements are heavy, bulky and difficult to remove from their cabinets.  After lurking at the Janome booth several times and peppering the representatives with lots of questions, they reduced the price three times to one I was willing to pay.  

Good thing hubby is at the ranch for a few days and I don’t have a lot of commitments this coming week.  

I’ll use the time to make friends with her and consider re-homing one of my vintage machines to free up storage space.

The trip to Houston was fabulous, but exhausting.  I’m not used to big city traffic (thankfully my friend handled the driving), the crush of humanity, and sensory overload that you encounter at Festival.  If offered another chance to go to Houston, I would grab it in a heartbeat; but I’m looking forward to some recovery time.