Friday, August 30, 2013

Play Time in the Sewing Room

Just for the fun it, I took this failed Jane Stickle block and made a pincushion.  I had accidentally trimmed it down before adding the applique and did not want to risk adding  it only to have it distort, shrink, or fray in the process.  Fortunately it was an easy block and I had plenty of fabric to both finish this little project and redo the block.  I’m thinking of using it as a thank you gift to a quilting friend.

I've also started making split nine patch blocks which are Bonnie Hunter’s 2013 leader ender  challenge.  I had not planned on doing this, but sometimes I just need something to work on that is relaxing.  Jane Stickle blocks do not qualify as relaxing!   

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Final Three

Here are the last three of 169 Jane Stickle center blocks.  There still a bazillion border triangles, but I am so happy to have reached this point.

The blocks are stored in three very full binders that include notes, master pattern copies and tutorials.  I had to do this in order to protect the blocks from fraying and to keep track of fabrics and colors.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Fun Mail

No question about it.  August 2013 has gotten off to a challenging start and the pace of my quilting and blogging, by necessity, has slowed.  Despite dealing with a number of urgent events, however, there have been some really bright spots.  Carol at Mamacjt  provided one of those.  She is an artist in several media including fiber and I have really enjoyed reading her posts ever since I stumbled across her blog.  I contacted her about a question about a week ago and we struck up an email correspondence.  

Her artwork frequently employs whimsy or, in some instances, laugh-out-loud humor.  Most recently she has been working on illustrated envelopes which travel through the postal system to brighten the day of their recipients.  Here is the one she sent me this week. 

Thank you so much, Carol, for making my day.  And, yes, I really am a fan.  If you visit Carol’s blog, you can see many examples of her work that will make you smile.  

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Look What Came in the Mail!

It’s been an up and down week here and the return to normalcy I was looking forward to in my last post hasn't happened yet; but through the chaos there have been some bright spots and I even managed to do some quilting.

One of the brightest spots was the arrival of a squishy package from my September swap partner containing a gorgeous bag constructed in great fabrics for now through fall.  I've already got the bag loaded and ready to show off Tuesday when we gather to sew.  

The swap group decided to branch out from mug rugs and this is the first round doing something different.  My swap partner, Irene, is really on top of her game.  The mailing deadline is September 15, more than a month from now.  My bag for her is in process as I write this.

I completed this little practice piece I posted about some time ago and sent it on its way to Debbie at Stitchin Therapy.  It will be added to others she is collecting.  For three years these little quilts have been paired with doll beds or doll cribs and given to children with special needs at Christmas.  She calls it the Mrs. Claus project and there is an icon in my side bar linking to her site.

This is the weekend of the annual drag boat races here.  The event is good for the community and its businesses, but very noisy.  We are not on waterfront property, but when the really big boats power up, you can hear them all over town.  If you happen to be eating at one of the local restaurants on the lake shore, you will be offered free ear plugs.  The noise level combined with a predicted high of 101 makes this a very good day to stay home and sew!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Jane Stickle Block Progress

It has been a while since I blogged.  Life happens.  The sewing room was dismantled for a visit from one of our grandsons…a joyful life happening.  A crown broke, a less joyful event though not a painful one.  I had to scramble to find a dentist who could schedule me for major work on short notice and accept my insurance.  We finally drove 100 miles to the dentist our daughter works for.  

Today I will re-mantle my sewing room…is that the reverse of dismantling it?…and try to regain a sense of normalcy. 

Here are the Jane Stickle blocks I completed in July.  The empty spot is for a block I will have to re-do.  I accidentally trimmed it to size before adding the 
applique pieces.  I don’t want to do the handwork and then find after rinsing out the basting glue that it is not large enough.  I think I will use the discarded block as the basis for a small pincushion. 

I either have three of the remaining 169 center blocks to complete or four.  Based on last month’s count, I should have four.  Based on the Excel spreadsheet I use to keep track of my progress, I only have three.  I will check on this further this week or next.