Friday, August 30, 2013

Play Time in the Sewing Room

Just for the fun it, I took this failed Jane Stickle block and made a pincushion.  I had accidentally trimmed it down before adding the applique and did not want to risk adding  it only to have it distort, shrink, or fray in the process.  Fortunately it was an easy block and I had plenty of fabric to both finish this little project and redo the block.  I’m thinking of using it as a thank you gift to a quilting friend.

I've also started making split nine patch blocks which are Bonnie Hunter’s 2013 leader ender  challenge.  I had not planned on doing this, but sometimes I just need something to work on that is relaxing.  Jane Stickle blocks do not qualify as relaxing!   


Diane said...

oh I love the split 9patch-I will not check out the link to Bonnie---too dangerous I may want to start one of my own!!

Freda Fields Alley said...

What a great way to use a "failed" block... definitely turning a lemon into lemonade!

Lovely split 9patch you've got going on there... oh so tempting too!

Debbie said...

Super idea with the pincushion. I love your new leader/ender project. The split 9 is one of my favorites, maybe because it features the values! I sound like a broken record.

AnnieO said...

Nice save of a pretty block! I have some failed blocks that could use a save too:)
Love the new leader Enders!

Hilachas said...

Great idea for using those "messed-up" Jane blocks. I certainly have a few of those, haha. Nice split 9-patch blocks too.