Saturday, August 10, 2013

Look What Came in the Mail!

It’s been an up and down week here and the return to normalcy I was looking forward to in my last post hasn't happened yet; but through the chaos there have been some bright spots and I even managed to do some quilting.

One of the brightest spots was the arrival of a squishy package from my September swap partner containing a gorgeous bag constructed in great fabrics for now through fall.  I've already got the bag loaded and ready to show off Tuesday when we gather to sew.  

The swap group decided to branch out from mug rugs and this is the first round doing something different.  My swap partner, Irene, is really on top of her game.  The mailing deadline is September 15, more than a month from now.  My bag for her is in process as I write this.

I completed this little practice piece I posted about some time ago and sent it on its way to Debbie at Stitchin Therapy.  It will be added to others she is collecting.  For three years these little quilts have been paired with doll beds or doll cribs and given to children with special needs at Christmas.  She calls it the Mrs. Claus project and there is an icon in my side bar linking to her site.

This is the weekend of the annual drag boat races here.  The event is good for the community and its businesses, but very noisy.  We are not on waterfront property, but when the really big boats power up, you can hear them all over town.  If you happen to be eating at one of the local restaurants on the lake shore, you will be offered free ear plugs.  The noise level combined with a predicted high of 101 makes this a very good day to stay home and sew!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Cute bag! And love the little quilt; I've tried making some chevron type strips today and my piecing leaves a lot to be desired. :( I do live on a lake and there is one man here who has a race boat - it's so loud that it disturbs everyone for blocks. I suspect he doesn't care. blessings, marlene

Andrea said...

Mary, I'm totally in love with your little HST Batik doll quilt you sent off to Debbie. You really had a lot of fun making it... and I sure do plan to have fun making one(s) similar to it for my grandgirlies. Thank so much for the inspiration!