Thursday, December 21, 2017

Loss of an Old Friend and Celebrations

I feel like I’ve lost an old friend.  My mother purchased this iron in 1997 and eventually it became mine.  It never had a drink of anything other than distilled water and it never leaked or sputtered.  After its most recent tumble from the ironing board, though, the electronics in the handle were visible and it was uncomfortable to grasp.  Even Bob conceded it was time to go.

I have learned that if you want to spark an animated conversation among quilters, all you have to do is utter one word: “iron.”

There are advocates of vintage dry irons found in antique shops and others who swear by the benefits of steam.  Some insist the way to go is as cheap as possible so frequent replacements are painless.  Others like the high-end ones with all the bells and whistles, like the neat one that levitates up and down and is available in a cute pink model.  I was sorely tempted by the levitating model and kept hoping to find an end of the year sale I couldn’t pass by.   Didn’t happen.

This is what I decided to get.  It is undoubtedly the priciest iron I have ever owned.  Had I known about two unanticipated expenses this month (refrigerator and vacuum), I would have gone another route.  It’s mine now, however, and I will do my best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.  My first time to use it was yesterday and it performed nicely.  I read lots of reviews before making my choice.  Some were extremely favorable and others said they experienced leaks three months after purchase.  One purpose of this post is to give me a record of its birth date.   

In other news, hubby and I celebrated our 40th anniversary Saturday. 

Dessert(s) were involved. 

Usually we like to mark the event with a trip to the Texas coast, but the damage left by Hurricane Harvey changed our plans.  We decided to spend an extended weekend on the San Antonio River Walk. 

Despite record rainfall one day, we had a great time and I even managed some leisurely strolls.

Julia and our youngest grandson joined us for one of the celebration meals (the one involving chocolate).  She gave me these Christmas earrings early so I could enjoy them this season.  Jewelry making is one of her many talents. 

Our other reason to celebrate this December is our oldest grandson’s successful completion of Marine boot camp!  I’m really looking forward to seeing him later this month.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A Little Maintenance Required

I had hoped to be posting a finished picture of this project by now, but sadly, my HQ which is normally a rock-solid workhorse started getting very quirky over the weekend.  I finally gave up and took her in for an appointment this morning with the dealer who sold her to me in 2008.  I was told she had a timing issue and of course she got a good cleaning too.  While she was there, I had an open toe foot installed.  Now I will be able to switch back forth between a ruler foot and one that gives me improved visibility.  Maybe we are ready to roll and get this UFO finished.  

My current handwork project continues to grow.  It even has a corner!  I pushed so hard on it last week, though, that my right hand is feeling a little achy.  So, I’ve forced myself to give it a rest for a few days.  I recently had another birthday and my body is sending increasingly clear messages that I need to pay attention to these warning signs.

We’ve had a string of warm days…highs in the low 80s…and I captured this picture of a very uncooperative model earlier this week.  It appears, however, that this morning’s cold front has finally brought winter to Central Texas.