Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sewing at Home

We woke up to icy road conditions today, which became so bad that the local school district changed from delayed classes to cancelled classes for the whole day.  I figured that was probably a pretty good indicator that I shouldn’t add to the mayhem on the roads.  After all, most of us in Central Texas are pretty inept when it comes to those sorts of driving conditions.  So, my usual sew day with friends became a sewing retreat at home. 

I pulled out my block drafting tools and began work on another Jane Stickle border triangle.

…and here it is:  Bottom Row 7, Cheryl’s Clown

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Great Weekend....

 We have just returned from spending a nice long weekend at the ranch.  Sleet began falling shortly after our arrival Thursday making it a great night for using some of those quilts I've made over the last few years.  

Friday morning we were iced in and it was a perfect day to spend quilting the Willow Weave top I pieced as part of a sew-along in 2012. 

We enjoyed a gorgeous sunrise Saturday and the temperatures warmed up to the mid-60s. 

Later that day the kids joined us so we could celebrate our oldest grandson’s 15th birthday.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesdays Mean Quilting With Friends

The Carol Doak quilt from the Hawaii Quilt Cruise has become my Tuesday project.  It consists of four paper pieced blocks with sashing and a border.  Here is the top half of the quilt center as of the time I left today.  It’s getting easier to see the secondary designs.

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Little Handwork During the Games

I’m not that much of a follower of professional football, but I enjoy “watching” the games with my husband provided I have some handwork to keep me occupied.  I was tired of knitting dishcloths, so I pulled this old UFO from the sewing closet.  Eventually I’ll add the bluebonnet blooms to the stems, but right now I’m just working on the leaves at the base of the plants.  I've discovered that I like working with Bottom Line thread (by Superior Threads) when hand stitching turned edge applique.  This project will probably be stowed again in short order as I will soon have some binding to do on a quilt, but it was fun to rediscover it.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Work Resumes on Jane Stickle Blocks

I made no progress on Jane Stickle blocks during December (other than the purchase of some batiks), so it was a real joy to get back to work on them today.  The monthly group that I had been a part of locally, had waned over the last two years, but it’s experiencing a revival with several new members.  It’s so much more enjoyable to tackle a project of this magnitude as part of a group that both encourages and holds you accountable. 

Here is the block I made today.  It is Bottom Row – 5, also called Gay’s Glory.  If I counted correctly, it has 41 pieces.  It took a good chunk of the day to complete, but it was fun sewing with friends.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Carol Doak Quilt

I had to miss my sew day with friends today in order to arrange for a quilt club related meeting.  The project I've been working on when I can go is the last of the Hawaii quilt cruise projects. 

Here is one of four blocks.  I actually have a second completed, but did not get a picture of it before leaving last week.  It is a Carol Doak design and is entirely paper pieced.  The color placement varies from block to block in order create secondary designs when assembled.  Now that two are done, maybe the remainder of the quilt will progress a little faster…if I don’t have to miss many more Tuesdays!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More Stash Enhancements

Here are the last of my stash enhancement purchases for a while.  Between this purchase and the one I reported in my last post, I should be good to go for backings and bindings.  The small cut on top was a purchase from a quilt shop when I unexpectedly had an opportunity to step inside during an outing to a neighboring town this week.   I was with a non-quilting friend who was visiting from Dallas, so it was a really fast visit, but I nabbed this piece on the fly.  It will find its way into a Jane Stickle block.  The rest  of the pieces are more year-end inventory reduction sale items. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Stash Enhancements

For several years I've intended to save my pennies until the year-end inventory reduction sales and make some stash enhancement purchases.  This year I actually succeeded.  Here are the first two of three shipments.  

There’s lots of variety, but many of the cuts are quite small (1/4 yard).  One piece was used as the binding for the quilt I posted about earlier this week.  Most of the cuts will be incorporated into Jane Stickle blocks.  I also have an idea about making a color wheel quilt some day.  

Here are two pieces being auditioned as potential binding for this top which was completed in 2013.  The next shipment should have some backing fabric and I will make my final decision after it arrives.  Then it will be time to look for an opportunity to head out to the ranch and load up the frame.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Let Me Surprise You" is Bound, Labeled, Done!

It feels good to start 2014 with a finish.  This is one of the three kits from our September 2013 Hawaii quilt cruise.  The design is by Charlotte Angotti; one of her “Let Me Surprise You” designs presented to us as a mystery, laser cut kit.  I've decided to name mine "Pacific Waters." 

As it is a throw size in tropical colors, I decided to use a very thin batting.  I think it will be the perfect weight to use during our spring and summer months when my very warm natured hubby decides to turn the fan to the hurricane strength setting.