Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sewing at Home

We woke up to icy road conditions today, which became so bad that the local school district changed from delayed classes to cancelled classes for the whole day.  I figured that was probably a pretty good indicator that I shouldn’t add to the mayhem on the roads.  After all, most of us in Central Texas are pretty inept when it comes to those sorts of driving conditions.  So, my usual sew day with friends became a sewing retreat at home. 

I pulled out my block drafting tools and began work on another Jane Stickle border triangle.

…and here it is:  Bottom Row 7, Cheryl’s Clown


Impera Magna said...

Don't blame you for staying home where it's safe and warm... I've been reading too many stories about folks trapped on the road somewhere needing to be rescued... including my DIL's cousin and his wife!

Love your Cheryl's Clown triangle! Ya done good...

Aunt 'Reen said...

Very pretty block - this is a tough one to make!

I hope warmer weather arrives your way soon!