Monday, October 27, 2014

Getting Closer...

I finished stitching sashings to the last five rows of my Jane Stickle quilt last night.  Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.  Here they are with the eight rows that have already been joined.

Work on the ranch house rebuild is nearing completion and we spent yesterday unloading boxes that the ServiceMaster crew had packed in April.  I honestly thought that over the years we had discarded most of the stuff we no longer need or can use.  But, as the boxes were opened, I discovered how wrong I was.  Much of what they contained originated with my parents including some 1934 nursing textbooks that had been squirreled away on shelving we no longer have. 

I was emotionally and physically drained by the time we returned to town yesterday, but we really got a lot accomplished.  We pressed as hard as we could since the construction guys are scheduled to haul trash away this week.  The house is a mess as the crews are still at work, and mice have taken advantage of open doors and windows to move back in.  Appliances and furniture are back in place, though, and it will be habitable by the time hunting season arrives.  That makes my husband very happy.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Progress at the Ranch, but Not Much Quilting This Week

I had hoped to accomplish more on my Jane Stickle quilt this week, but it was not to be.  The repairs on the ranch house, which have been in the works since a water line break in March, are very slowly nearing completion.  Furniture has been set back in place and boxes have been emptied.  We now know what could not be salvaged and will be replacing four mattresses and box springs as well as a television and other items.  There is also some carpentry work needing to be finished such as the addition of back splashes and doors that need to be hung. 

I managed to get sashings added to Rows F and G. Except for a few hexagons done in the evenings, that is about all I accomplished.   

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Slow Sunday Stitching -- Hexagons

My slow stitching project today continues to be hexagons.  I've had one completion this week and another one that is fairly close that I hope to finish today.  I did manage to get several units pieced and ready for the needle.  So, as I can steal time this week, there may be more progress.

I'm linking to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching post.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Scrambling This Week and Next

This has been a catch up week full of chores and other commitments.  And, I just learned that an out-of-town friend will be visiting next week.  Guess I better move those housekeeping chores to the top of the list.  Plus, furniture is scheduled to be moved back to the ranch house next week now that repairs from the broken waterline that occurred in March are near completion.  Needless to say, not nearly as much sewing was done this week as I would have liked, and probably less will be done next.  

I did manage to complete this flimsy made from a fat quarter of French General fabric I won in a giveaway from LA Quilter back in March.  It finished at approximately 48 X 66 inches and will be a good sofa sized quilt for Christmas.  Thank you, again, Vicky, for brightening 2014 for me.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Two Rows and Three Hexies

Two more rows for my Jane Stickle quilt have their sashings.  Row four is already attached to the main body and row five is ready to be added.

I've also completed three more hexagons.  I need to piece some new units so they’ll be ready for evening handwork.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Another Row

My favorite machine for piecing is an 18 year old Pfaff.  It’s out of service right now so that gave me an excuse to unpack my travelling machine, my Featherweight, for piecing the rows on my Jane Stickle quilt.

It’s actually a better machine for this purpose.  It has a very narrow presser foot.  The standard width presser foot on my Pfaff kept fighting the seam allowances in the narrow sashing strip between the rows.

Here are rows one and two.