Tuesday, December 18, 2018

'Tis Definitely the Season

…for gratitude, stress, joy, melancholy, and the full range of other emotions we humans experience.

One of the joys (and gratitudes) this season was this very nice package from Donna at Brynwood Needleworks.  I have been enjoying her blog for a few years and as a Corgi mom myself, I especially appreciate her “Tuesdays with Tag” posts.  I won a recent giveaway celebrating her 3,500th blog post and received this handmade cork key ring and a personalized pen.  Thank you, Donna!  3,500 daily blog posts is quite a blogging accomplishment.

Last week, my husband had ankle replacement surgery.  Once healed, the quality of his life should vastly improve (another gratitude).  The six weeks of no weight bearing recovery, however, will certainly be a stress for both of us. 

My favorite coping mechanism during these times continues to be my hexagon project.  I can keep hubby company “watching” a lot of football working on these hexies!

Since I’m staying close to the house during these first days after hubby’s surgery, I have been trying to make progress machine quilting this hexagon quilt using an edge-to-edge feather design.  I’m about half way through, maybe. 

Three friends have unexpectedly lost their spouses this December; a reason for melancholy as well as a reminder to be grateful for the loved ones still in my life.

So, when the season starts to wear me down, I try to quiet myself for a moment, exercise an attitude of gratitude and just breathe.  I certainly hope your season is a time of gratitude and joy as well.

Monday, December 10, 2018

My New Cozy Spot

Every time we have company or a gathering at our house, I’ve wished we had more seating in the family room.  I recently came across this used glider for $35 and snatched it up.  Rocking chairs have always been very appealing to me. 

As soon as I got it home, I knew the original cushions had to go.  That’s when I discovered that finding replacement cushions for gliders is not easy.  I finally found some generic ones online that fit the chair’s dimensions, but no where was I able to find arm rest cushions.  I decided to wrap the arm rests with quilting practice pieces and then covered those with quilted placemats.  A tutorial I found online showed how to turn up the hemmed edge of the placemats to form pockets.  Someday I’ll find arm rest fabric I like better, but this will do for now.  I also used a lot of wood restorer.  It brought back a pretty luster to the wood, but there are areas where the original stain is gone. 

So, my steal of a deal ended up being not such a good deal after all, but I now have a very comfy chair I can use for handwork.  The antique sewing box next to it belonged to my grandmother.  I had been using it as an end table in the guest room, but decided to bring it out where I can enjoy it.  My first project using my new work station was removing a border I didn’t like on a small project. 

…and this is something I haven’t seen in a while.  I cleared off my quilting station so I can actually use it for its intended purpose.

In the almost 13 years we have lived here, this is only the second time I have seen pelicans on the pond near our house.  They are beautiful, but would not let me get close enough to take a good picture.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

"Me" Time!

On Thursday I got through my turn to host a stitching group I belong to.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, including me.  Yesterday, our Thanksgiving company left, so today is “me" time.  

I’ve been cutting up perfectly good fabric so I can sew it together again.  Quilters and other sewists understand this, but husbands and other family members are baffled.  

Many of these strips will become hexies for my red and white project.  I have been doing so much handwork these last two weeks that I ran out of ones that were ready to stitch.  The remainder will go in my 2 1/2 inch strip storage.