Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun Two Days

I’m very tired tonight, but in a good way.  A quilting friend graciously opened up her lovely home for an overnight workshop on applique techniques.  This was the second time I was able to attend a workshop by this teacher and it was a good refresher to the first session.  This is the project we worked on.  I have only begun a little of the hand stitching portion.  Most of our time was spent in preparing the design pieces using heat resistant templates, lots of sizing and lots or pressing.

The workshop had 13 participants and about 8 of us stayed overnight.  As always happens when quilters get together for retreats, we ate well (probably a little too well), stayed up really late, shared life stories and generally enjoyed each other. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Design Wall Monday – 06/27/2011

Whew!  This exclamation refers to both the weather and the quilt.  The top half of the quilt (above) is pieced and the bottom two panels (below) are up on the board and in the process of being pieced. 

The although the blocks were paper pieced and should be consistently sized, the bulky seam intersections and stretchy-flimsy-thready fabrics (some are homespun, others recycled shirts) are a challenge to match.  Even though I'm not proud of the piecing, I think this is a happy looking quilt that we will enjoy. 

So far, we’ve had 18 days of 100 degree weather in 2011.  That already exceeds the annual average of 13 days and we aren’t through with June yet.  Good weather to stay in doors and quilt!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bound, Labeled, Done!

The quilt I have named “Just Do It” because I procrastinated so long over attempting the pattern is a finish! 

One of the few television programs Bob and I both enjoy is “So You Think You Can Dance.”  The nice thing about that program is there is enough dialog between performances that I can easily watch it while doing handwork.  So, I finally finished this little throw.  It works well with the colors in our family room, and I think I’ll leave it on the sofa for a while.

Other activities this week include cutting and kitting up the components for this month’s installment of Civil War Chronicles…more directional prints to deal with.  It’s a good thing this is a five-Wednesday month.  That gives me an extra week before the July club meeting.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Design Wall Monday -- 06/20/2011

I had so hoped to have more to show on my design wall today, but with last week pretty solidly booked with vacation bible school, life did not go on as normal.  I managed to make a little progress on my hour glass quilt.  I am dividing the top into four panels to make it easier to handle.  One panel is complete, and a second is in the process of being pieced. 

I am using a piecing technique that Wanda Hanson posted about here.  It helps keep my layout straight and speeds up the process. 

I was asked how Harley the corgi is doing after the surgery.  The paw is healing, the bandage is off and walks have resumed.  He has also started chasing golf carts along the backyard fence.  We are a little concerned, however, because he constantly licks his leg above where the injury was, and a bald spot is appearing.  No other injury is visible and I suspect some kind of skin allergy, possibly from contact with the bandage's adhesive.  We will have to get it checked out this week.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Design Wall Monday -- 06/13/2011

When I got up this morning, my design wall was actually empty and this post almost did not happen.  After working in our church’s Vacation Bible School kitchen this morning I came home too tired to even take a nap.  Working on this project actually seemed to refresh me a little.  I completed the last of the blocks I need and began putting them up on the board.  When finished, the quilt will have 360 blocks, 20 rows of 18 blocks.  I will probably construct it in four panels of 9 blocks by 10 rows.

Harley is no longer wearing the “no chew” bandage shown here.  While he still has a very tender foot, he is doing well and is very happy to be free of the bandage.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some Relaxation Sewing

After taking both dogs to the vet, and one having to have surgery on an injured paw, I was in the mood for some mindless, relaxing sewing this afternoon.  I pulled out the Triangulations foundations for my hour glass quilt and went to work.  Now that I've completed some of the other UFOs that have haunted me, I need to make some progress on this one as well.

I am relieved to report that both dogs are doing great.  Chloe has had bad reactions to vaccinations in the past and must be monitored carefully.  Fortunately, all her lab work remains in the "normal" range.  Harley had surgery on a cracked nail and came through it like a trooper.  He is droopy from the anesthesia and has a big green bandage that needs to stay on his paw until Sunday.  We are all feeling a little subdued this evening.  Tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Angela’s Roses – Bound, Labeled, Done!

Another UFO completed, and does it ever feel good to do so.  This small wall hanging was a workshop project on machine appliqué, which I switched to hand appliqué.  I’ve named it after the instructor.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Design Wall Monday -- 06/06/2011

I’m late posting today because I was determined to complete the May blocks for the Civil War Chronicles quilt.  Our CWC club meets the third Wednesday in the month, so I’m actually right where I should be on it for our group's schedule.  It’s always a relief, though, when I complete a stage and can move onto a different project for a week or so.  As I post this, I see the temperature is 100 degrees this afternoon.  Rather early in the year to be hitting three digits, even for us.

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