Monday, June 20, 2011

Design Wall Monday -- 06/20/2011

I had so hoped to have more to show on my design wall today, but with last week pretty solidly booked with vacation bible school, life did not go on as normal.  I managed to make a little progress on my hour glass quilt.  I am dividing the top into four panels to make it easier to handle.  One panel is complete, and a second is in the process of being pieced. 

I am using a piecing technique that Wanda Hanson posted about here.  It helps keep my layout straight and speeds up the process. 

I was asked how Harley the corgi is doing after the surgery.  The paw is healing, the bandage is off and walks have resumed.  He has also started chasing golf carts along the backyard fence.  We are a little concerned, however, because he constantly licks his leg above where the injury was, and a bald spot is appearing.  No other injury is visible and I suspect some kind of skin allergy, possibly from contact with the bandage's adhesive.  We will have to get it checked out this week.

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Yvette said...

I love this!

Happy Quilter said...

Great quilt, great stash buster; you are doing a great job. Show is the finished project.

marcella said...

What a fun quilt! I just love hourglass block - alone or combined with other simple blocks. They always look great.

QuiltSwissy said...

For the corgi, two solutions can be tried. Find some "antipersperant" not deodorant and spray on the place he is licking. It tasts horrible. You can also try Bitter Apple from the pet stores for this. Both work.

if he is a diligent licker boy, then get some vet wrap or at the local walgreens or walmart or cvs (whatever is near) go to the wound care section and get something that looks like an ace bandage but is a wrap tape that can be cut to size. It sticks to itself. Wrap, snug but not tight or you will cut off circulation. Spray with bitter apple or antipersperant.

These are the most easily done solutions. I have a million of these things in my head! LOL. Nothing much else I guess.

Oh, the hour glasses are fabulous too!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

THis just popped out at me from Judy's "one the wall" grouping. I love plaids and the hourglass setting is just delightful.

AnnieO said...

Very nice hourglass blocks! I have seen Bonnie Hunter use that method too--she calls it "webbing the top". Sure does keep things from getting turned the wrong way.

Paula said...

I like your scrappy hourglass blocks. I have always been a fan
of deep rich colors.

LuAnn said...

I love those hourglass blocks and all of the scraps you've used. Also love your Angela's Roses applique'.