Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some Relaxation Sewing

After taking both dogs to the vet, and one having to have surgery on an injured paw, I was in the mood for some mindless, relaxing sewing this afternoon.  I pulled out the Triangulations foundations for my hour glass quilt and went to work.  Now that I've completed some of the other UFOs that have haunted me, I need to make some progress on this one as well.

I am relieved to report that both dogs are doing great.  Chloe has had bad reactions to vaccinations in the past and must be monitored carefully.  Fortunately, all her lab work remains in the "normal" range.  Harley had surgery on a cracked nail and came through it like a trooper.  He is droopy from the anesthesia and has a big green bandage that needs to stay on his paw until Sunday.  We are all feeling a little subdued this evening.  Tomorrow will be better.

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