Sunday, April 22, 2012

Juggling Projects....

Yesterday ended up being a sewing day, and I completed two more Jane Stickle triangles.  Here are TR3, Checkerboard, and TR5, Michigan Dunes.  The one on the right looks somewhat distorted because I did not flatten it very well when I put it on the design wall.  However it just did not go together as cleanly as the one on the left.  I finally decided, after repeatedly trying to true it up, that “finished is better than perfect” and stopped ripping out the border and top seams before I damaged the fabric. Maybe I was just working while I was too tired.  If it ends up being too skewed I can always give it another try later. 

I also quilted my country hearts wall hanging.  All the machine work is finished and I am ready to begin binding, labeling and embellishing it.


Aunt 'Reen said...

Mary, your triangle blocks look amazing! We tend to be too hard on ourselves...I can't see any faults in these blocks. I'm sure everyone that sees these will be very impressed as well.

Your country hearts quilt turned out wonderful.

Impera_Magna said...

I agree with Aunt 'Reen... the block look great and amazing too!

Remember if you stand on your front porch and hold up the block... and I go galloping down the road on horseback... and I can't see any mistakes... you're good!


Hilachas said...

Your blocks both looks so pretty. WTG!