Friday, April 19, 2013

Signs of Spring

We don’t have quite the wildflower displays of years past, but it’s still a nice time of year here.

A recent visitor to our yard who delighted in teasing our dogs.

Another recent visitor.

Flowers seen along my morning walking route.  I had to stick my camera lens through a chain-link fence to get this shot.

A World War II era B17 which flew over our house numerous times this week.  It was part of a Commemorative Air Force show.  It is one of only eleven such planes still in flyable condition.  Sorry about the fuzzy focus; he was moving faster than my camera could capture.


Hilachas said...

Oh, spring in the Hill Country is beautiful. We will be going to the Hill Country at the end of the month. Maybe the wildflowers will be in flull-bloom by then.

Impera_Magna said...

Lovely flowers.... and spring has been truncated here as well. My visiting grandpuppies love chasing the backyard squirrels.... and I love hummingbirds!

Hope your day is going well!