Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Good...Not Quite So Good...and Bitter Sweet of Life Last Week

Jill Finley quilt….pin basted…Yay!

House…sigh…replacement ordered and claim filed.  Plus a day and a night with non-functioning air conditioning…now fixed, thankfully!


Home grown tomatoes…yum!

In other news, but not pictured, our oldest grandson earned his learner's permit last week and received his first driving lessons from grandpa yesterday.


Debbie said...

What a week! Just the day and half with no AC would have put me under. So glad it is working again. Your August days look like scorchers. Stay inside and work on the quilt top....with a tomato sandwich!

AnnieO said...

We have no AC, but 90 or 100 degree days are few! Yay for pin basting and grandsons, boo for busted window.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Yikes! I cannot imagine even an hour without air conditioning with those temperatures!! We've been getting heat indices in the lower 100s lately, and I thank God for our air conditioning. Hope you get your window replaced quickly. I'm jealous over your tomatoes ... our tomatoes had a bout of some kind of fungus, and while it seems like we have it under control, our plants only have a little bit of foliage at the top ... all our tomatoes are exposed to the sun and getting sunburnt. :-( Our beans are shot as are our cucumbers. Not a good year for gardens here in SW Illinois. It'll only be 2-1/2 years before our oldest grandson will have his learner's permit. :-o

Hilachas said...

Oh, those tomatoes look yummy, the broken window not so good, and your quilt top looks fabulous!