Monday, September 14, 2015

Progress on Multiple Fronts

It’s been a quiet but fairly productive week on the quilting and sewing front. 

During Quilt-Cam yesterday, I worked on putting rows together for my Texas Tumbleweeds quilt.  The end of this project is finally in sight and I’m looking forward to emptying a much needed project box.

I also completed 10 anti-ouch pouches to turn in at Wednesday’s meeting.  If I haven’t miscounted, I’m at 88 for the year and closing in on my goal of 100. 

For the longest time I had fallen out of love with this project and it languished on my design wall.  I’ve started working on it again in the evenings while hubby and I watch television.  It feels good to see some progress there too.

I also finally made a decision about what project I will take on my retreat later this month.  It is Sue Garman’s new “Good Golly” pattern.  Sue is one of my favorite designers.  This will be a (very) long term project, but I think I can entirely complete it by shopping my stash. 

Several years ago a quilting friend gifted me these lovely Jenny Beyer fabrics.  I think most if not all the borders will come from this collection. 

The rest will be entirely scrappy and by the time the project is done, it will have lightened my stash by 23 ¾ yards.  It has 1,728 paper pieced half-square triangles and some of the sashings finish at ½ inch!  This one will be a real challenge.

So, for the rest of the week every spare moment will be at the cutting table.

Oh, if, like me, you wake up slowly in the mornings, this will certainly accelerate the process.  

I had just opened the door shortly after 6 a.m. to let the dogs out when I saw him.  One dog skirted him and one jumped over him, both totally useless.  Fortunately, with a little encouragement from a broom, he reluctantly slithered away.  The general consensus is that he was the "harmless" variety.  I'm going with that theory.


Debbie said...

The tumbleweed looks very good and know you are glad to be coming to the end.
Yikes...I hate snakes....even those harmless ones.
Love the fabrics you have stashed.....I have a couple of those that I have used for borders on things....they are striking.
Your new long term project scares me to death.....I would probably get one block done and then give it away. But I know you have the stick to it attitude and will make it simple amazing.

Frog Quilter said...

Love your projects and the fact that you are re-energized. Love the Sue Garman quilt to be. Looking forward to seeing progress on it.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Wow ... I can't wait to see that Sue Garman quilt come together. I love quilts with teeny tiny pieces (but I'm not accurate enough, I fear, to make a quilt with such tiny pieces - so I'll enjoy the process vicariously through you). Ack! I think I'd be up on the countertop if a snake happened to slither into our house. You're so brave.