Sunday, October 16, 2016

Quilting Aids

My focus this past week has been trying to push forward on a quilting project that has taken way too long.  I’m gradually closing in on it and thought I would share two things that have helped make the process easier.

A real problem with quilting at a sit-down machine is drag.  No matter how big your work surface is, if your project manages to drop off the table edge, you’ve got resistance as you free motion quilt.  This is the solution I found somewhere online; I believe it was at Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry’s  site, Bryerpatch.  The bookends were bought for next to nothing at our local library thrift store and I have an abundant supply of binder clips.

The other aid I’ve found is a product by Gum available in the dental section of the grocery store.  These speed up the process of threading multiple strands in a large eye embroidery needle if you want to bury threads.  Using this method reduces the problem with thread shredding when using most self-threading needs.

My handwork project for this afternoon’s edition on Quilt-cam will be more hexagons.  My aging tablet can no longer handle the load of Quilt-cam so I have to sit in front of my computer monitor to watch.  Bonnie is trying a different method for broadcasting and I hope it works.


AnnieO said...

Bookends and binder clips, genius idea! I'm lucky to have fold out extension tables but of course the quilts still fall off the ends. Thanks for the hints!

Debbie said...

I love it!!! tips for FMQ are always welcome. I have 2 small fold up tables to expand the work area, but the bookends could improve the edges. Going to look for the GUM things for threading my Featherweight too.
I watched quilt cam but kept getting booted off FB. Probably needed to be on PC....but I was cutting geese sets with the accuquilt today.