Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Each His/Her Own Dream

Does this look like an HQ16 mid-arm quilter to you? Well it certainly did to me when DH bid for and won this boat on E-Bay in 2008. A boat from any source was certainly not on my radar screen. That was okay by me, though, because it gave me the incentive I needed to pursue my own dream.

And here she is.

I’ve named her Fiona. Fiona and I have a love/hate relationship. I love what she is capable of and she hates my skill limitations. Mostly I do meanders and pantographs, but gradually I am trying my hand at different techniques. My skills are such that I only quilt for myself.  I would be devastated if I damaged or spoiled someone else's work. 

I enjoy the entire quilting process from pattern selection to binding (well maybe not the cutting part so much) and I am very grateful that I can be involved in each step.

DH and I have enjoyed the boat, but I have logged a whole lot more hours on my toy than he has on his.


Vicki said...

We, my mom and I, purchased our dream in Feb. A babylock Jewel long arm. I have made a few quilts for friends and our first non friend customers have arrived. We are starting out small and simple. I am freehanding everythign so far. I love our little machine.

Diane said...

I've had an HQ16 for 2 years now-before that I rented time on one- I love it! For years before I got one, anytime my husband would get a 'new toy' I would say I'm next! But really we had to wait until a couple kids moved out so I would have room.
Keep practicing you will get better each time. Do you have any quilting DVD's. Off the top of my head, I would recommend Dawn Ramirez's "The Pajama Quilter Reloaded", and get the workbook too so you can see all the designs she teaches you in the dvd. There are lots out there and you learn something from everyone.

Bianca said...

I think your new "friend" Fiona is very pretty. Like in every relationship, you will learn to live with each others faults. Enjoy your time together.

Laurie said...

Having a quilt machine is a dream come true for me too. Now to just finish paying for it! that parts not so fun. The quilting is great when it's going good, then it's too big to throw through the window when you get aggravated!