Monday, September 12, 2011

Design Wall Monday -- 09/12/2011

I’ve been focusing on the 68 Hovering Hawks blocks for the Civil War Chronicles BOM this past week.  I would really love to finish this stage, but discovered the hard way that I can’t work on them while tired.  There are 25 on my design wall.  There would have been 27, but I discovered mistakes in the last two blocks I had done.  The blocks aren't difficult, but they are tedious, and it's easy to let your attention drift.

I may not do much sewing this week.  We have lots going on, but I hope to squeeze in some stitching therapy along the way.

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Vicki said...

beautiful fabrics on a favorite block of mine. I have found that when I am making the same block for a quilt I have to be awake too. I can make scrappy ones work when tired .... I guess I need to stay with scrappy 'cause I am tired much of the time!!!

Gari said...

It has been a long time since I made the same block over and over but I think I would have the same problem. You blocks are beautiful.

Yvette said...

They look fantastic!

Alycia said...

Its still great progress!!