Monday, September 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday -- 09/18/2011

Well, actually it’s not on the design wall, but this is what I’ve been working on.

My goal was to get the majority of my hosting duties done in September.  Monday afternoon the neighborhood Stitch ‘N Chat group came and we also hosted a gathering for our new senior pastor Thursday evening.  This meant I had to keep the house company-ready and the sewing clutter contained all week.  As soon as we got past the second gathering, we ran for the ranch to get some R&R.  It was the first time I had spent any time there since May and it felt wonderful to get my hour glass quilt on the frame.  It is now ready for the addition of a label and binding. 

Some time ago, Superior Threads had an introductory special on their Omni line.  This was the first project I used it on and was very pleased.  It is lighter weight and more economical than their King Tut line, and I did not have a problem with lint or breakage.  I will definitely use it again.  I had Bottom Line thread in my bobbin.

Usually I take my quilts back to town and set up my big cutting table for trimming, but I was so anxious to move this along that I decided to put a cutting mat on the ranch table and trim it up.  Ever faithful Chloe is patiently waiting underneath the table in hopes of a treat or play time.

A blog reader commented that the pattern is called “Broken Dishes.”   Memories of my mother’s admonitions to not “cry over spilt milk” keep coming to mind, so I think I’ll name this one “Don’t Cry over Broken Dishes.”

I wanted a quilt that had a country/manly feel to it for our ranch house.  This one began with a bundle of homespun fabrics that was part of a retreat gift bag.  After I added other quilt store plaids plus some thrift store shirts, I discovered I really don’t enjoy working with those thready, stretchy fabrics. So, once this and the bonus Plaid Obsession quilt that I’m working on are finished, I probably won’t rush into another project using this fabric.   

Be sure and check out Judy’s blog,  Patchwork Times, to see what others are up to.


Denise :) said...

Wow, what a beautiful quilt. And I love the name you chose for it. It will look terrific in your ranch home!! :)

Carolyn said...

I love hourglass quilts...this is beautiful!

Angie said...

You may not have enjoyed working with the fabric, but oh my, it made a wonderful quilt. I love plaids and your colors are just perfect. :) Thanks for the tip about the thread. I haven't tried any of that but I will be looking for it now.

Quilter Kathy said...

I agree that these fabrics are definitely more challenging to work with, but you sure made a fabulous quilt with them!

Connie said...

Beautiful quilt for the ranch! I love Bottom Line thread and agree with you that I don't care for homespun plaid fabrics.

Gari said...

YOur quilt is beautiful. And I agree about the fabric. I bought a fat quarter bundle and then also found it too thready. I am currently using it in a fused applique project (all the threads fused down) but won't put it in a pieced project as originally planned.

Impera_Magna said...

What a beautiful, manly quilt for your ranch!

I just finished a quilt top using homespun plaids... and totally agree with you about all the threads from the loosely woven fabric... I mean they were everywhere... me, the floor, the design wall, each and every block was covered with threads... I must have spent hours picking them off/up.

Exuberant Color said...

This was a great patttern to use the plaids. I have to make a couple manly quilts before Christmas.