Friday, June 15, 2012

Breaking the Mold is Bound, Labeled, Done!

Serving as a kitchen volunteer for Vacation Bible School is proving to take its toll on me this year.  I have been at work in the kitchen at 7:30 every day preparing snacks which we serve to 268 youngsters between 9:30 when the first group arrives and 10:55 when the largest group and the oldest children are served.  It has been a great week, but it has left me little energy for much else.  The other ladies working in the kitchen are wonderful and we all try to be very supportive of each other despite the pressure to keep on schedule. 

Somehow, I finally managed to stay awake long enough last night to get the label attached to Breaking the Mold, my version of a piecing technique explained in Margaret Miller’s book, Strips That Sizzle.  I first saw examples of this technique on Wanda Hanson's blog,  Exuberant Color

I started collecting fabric for this project more than a year ago, and its blocks hung on my design wall for months before I committed to a layout.  Unfortunately, the photograph does not show the colors accurately. 

I quilted it with a simple meander, and used three different threads. 


Debbie said...

And a sizzling, super finish for this quilt. I do wish I could see it in person because I love your color combo. Have I said that before? *wink*
I salute you for being brave to help with is a tough schedule and lots of work, but so worth it.

Exuberant Color said...

Trying to decide on the layout is the hardest part of Strips that Sizzle. There are so many that look good and you have to decide on one. It looks great and I like your color combo too.

Aunt 'Reen said...

What a beautiful finish! Your quilt really turned out gorgeous!

AnnieO said...

That's a big commitment for your mornings!

The quilt is really wonderful--love the strong colors and easy quilting design. Enjoy!