Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life can be Absurd

With my love of handwork growing while my eyes are aging, I finally made the leap today and purchased this battery operated task light.  I’ve seen other quilters use these for years, but only recently did I see a battery operated one.

I do not intend to use it for day-to-day lighting at home, but I wanted to have it for those times we make road trips and I’m at the mercy of whatever lighting and electrical connections are available in motels and in our hosts’ homes. 

When I was talking to the store clerk about returning it, if it didn’t meet my needs, she nodded politely and asked that I be sure and keep the packaging.  “Even if I damage it while removing the product?”, I inquired.  She assured me that even if damaged it was helpful for them to return the item to the manufacturer with the original packaging.

Do you think this is what they meant?  Lol!  It’s a good thing I like my new light.  If there is an easy way to remove a product from plastic packaging that is molded around its contents, I would love to know the secret, though I suspect I just might be making it harder than I need to.


Impera_Magna said...


I think today's packaging of items is absurd... like when they first came out with "child proof" bottle caps.... so hard to open even as an adult.

Congratulations on your new, cool light... and for getting it out of the package and not damaging the light!


Hilachas said...

I know what you mean. Some of that packaging is ridiculous. Glad you got it out ok. Enjoy the light!

Aunt 'Reen said...

Too funny Mary! lol
I actually bought a special pair of "packaging scissors" called Open It for all those darn plastic molding cases. Got tired of slicing my fingers on the sharp edges of the containers.

Congrats on the great portable light!