Saturday, September 15, 2012

Anti-Ouch Pouches

A project I have begun sandwiching between working on quilts is the construction of Anti-Ouch Pouches for those recovering from breast surgery or undergoing radiation for breast cancer.  The pouch is an underarm pillow that hangs from the shoulder and fits under the arm to help cushion the area affected by surgery.  They are given to area physicians who in turn distribute them to their patients.  This has become an on-going project for our local quilt club and a rather efficient production system has evolved.  One team cuts and assembles the kits, which are handed out at the monthly meetings.  We stitch them up and return them so other teams can add filler and deliver them to community doctors.  Cards are included with each pouch telling the recipient who constructed their pillow. The club has received some very touching thank you notes.

Lately we have been asked to provide 100 pouches a month, a number I find staggering.  Fortunately, with some practice (I found the instructions a little tricky at first), construction of a pouch takes an hour or less.  

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Debbie said...

What a great project for giving back to others. Glad you figured out the production line to get that many done in a month.