Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting Ready to Sew

It looks like I’ve become one of those ladies never satisfied with the way the furniture is arranged.  I had some time Friday while Bob was at the ranch and decided to reconfigure my sewing area ….again.  I am probably going to do some machine quilting on my DSM this fall rather than on my HQ16 because the ranch pretty much becomes “Man’s World” during hunting season.  So, I swapped my end table around and reinstalled my Pfaff in its cabinet.  You have to be something of a contortionist to get cords and foot pedals threaded through the various openings and adjust the table height so the machine is flush with the sewing surface.  Since this is my take-along machine for those times I need something other than a straight stitch, it has not been in its cabinet in well over a year. 

I also spent some time prewashing my batik acquisitions from our Wisconsin trip.  Now they are ready to be paired with Jane Stickle blocks.

And, I found a temporary home for the quilt that Wanda gave me.  Someday I will add a sleeve so I can use it for a wall quilt.  Until then it will serve as a table topper for the basket that holds my growing collection of mug rugs.

Today I hope to kit up some Jane Stickle blocks for Sit ‘N Sew Day.

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Debbie said...

And I just mentioned to my husband that it was time to rearrange the sewing space! Haven't done that in a your little topper and those beautiful fabrics.