Friday, December 21, 2012

'Tis the Season

….to celebrate life’s benchmarks and families and friends, but not a whole lot of sewing is going on here.

We spent last weekend in San Antonio on the Riverwalk celebrating our 35th anniversary.  Our room looked down on the street activity and when we were not out and about, we had fun watching the people.  The weather was very mild and it was a near perfect trip.  Here is a picture of the dessert the waiter brought me after overhearing our table chatter about our celebration.  It's called a mud ball and is made from a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream that is then rolled in Oreo cookie crumbs and covered in chocolate sauce and whipped cream.  When I was in college these were occasionally served at our dormitory and were called  chocolate crumbly balls.  They are wonderful whatever you call them.


Now that we’re back, we have been seriously trying to get on track for the arrival of family later today.  So, very little has been (or will be) accomplished on the quilting front.  All I have to show since my last post are these Jane Stickle blocks that I appliqued.  The accent fabric in all but one of these blocks were fabric cuts that were generously gifted to me by other quilters including Wanda Hanson at Exuberant ColorThree more blocks are in ready for hand applique and the colorwash quilt is ready for its binding and label.



Debbie said...

Just a quick hello and wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas! Love the have been so dedicated in working through them.

AnnieO said...

Happy Anniversary! San Antonio is a place I have wanted to visit ever since I first saw photos of Riverwalk. It looks like a great place to wander, people watch, and eat great desserts like this:)