Saturday, December 1, 2012

Monthly Jane Stickle Update

Here are the Jane Stickle blocks I completed in November.  In addition, I have five more prepped and ready for hand applique.  I intend to prep a few more blocks this weekend so that I will have a cache ready to pick up and work on whenever I have a chance.  We are anticipating a busier December than we have had in the past several years, and machine work will probably cease after this coming week.  I’m not complaining; I’m really looking forward to the season this year.

I have now completed 102 of 169 center blocks on this project.  There have been many times when I doubted that I would ever reach 100 blocks.

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Hilachas said...

You go girl! Great progress. I do a lot of prep work to have my applique read to do on road trips. I think I've completed all the center blocks that require applique. I've also reached the 100 mark, 114 center blocks and 11 of the outside triangles. I just need to get back to My Jane. It's been a couple of weeks since I've worked on any. I love watching your progress.