Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Melon Seeds

…16 melon seeds, to be exact, and they all belong on one Jane Stickle block, J-10.  The seeds were larger than yesterday’s so they were easier to mold around the template.  The challenge on this block, as  Doreen pointed out in her tutorial, is that they must snug up against the seam line.  I like to super size my blocks while in construction so I can wash out the basting glue without worrying about fraying the block edges.  Once this block is squared up, it will be necessary for me to use a very scant ¼ inch seam in order to avoid catching the appliqued seeds.  I actually trimmed down the template in order to take into account the extra bulk created by wrapping the fabric around it.  It looks like I should have trimmed just a tad more from the length.

I often wonder how Jane did it.  No basting glue, no acrylic rulers with helpful guide lines, no melt-resistant template material and no water soluble markers, just to name a few of the tools I used on this block.

Thank you so very much to all who sent me encouraging get well wishes after yesterday's post.  I deeply appreciate them.  Today is a better day.  Maybe this stuff I’ve been fighting has peaked.   I am staying in through Wednesday.  Hopefully, I will be perky enough Thursday to run some errands including taking both dogs to the vet for routine vaccinations. 

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Hilachas said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, Mary. It took me 10 days to get better, coughing the entire time. Your DJ block is beautiful. i've often wondered about Jane Stickle also. She was so creative. All that you said is something to think about. She probably had to "make-do" using odds and ends of whatever fabric she could find also but what a gorgeous quilt she left for us to wonder about and enjoy duplicating.