Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vintage Find at the Ranch

Even though I have been through every drawer and storage area at the ranch house numerous times since it became our responsibility, I still sometimes rediscover a vintage piece from my family roots.

These two appliqued pillow cases resurfaced last weekend as I was checking our bed linen situation.  They are made of muslin.  One of them is patched.  I seem to recall my grandmother having a quilt made with this design and my guess is that these are either leftover blocks from that quilt, or possibly part of a pillow case exchange.  I know my grandmother was a member of the Extension Club.  I think I will leave them up on my design wall at the ranch so I can enjoy them when I’m there.

While we were at the ranch, Bob downloaded the latest batch of photographs captured by his game camera.  Most of the images were taken at night, but here is one in daylight of the feral hogs that have started visiting our property regularly.


Debbie said...

Very neat find, Mary. I like your idea of pinning them up to enjoy.

Hilachas said...

What a nice find and good memory of your Grandmother. We put our Game Camera out also and have photos of "our" feral hogs, much like yours. They are all over!

Rhonda M said...

Love your treasure! Those would look lovely in a toss pillow.

AnnieO said...

Pretty vintage pillowcases! I never heard of a pillowcase exchange but love the idea.

Feral hogs? My daughter sees a lot of javelinas where she lives in AZ but I don't think they are quite as hairy as these beasts!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Mary. Very pretty vintage pillowcases. I found the wild hogs interesting as we get visited by wild boars in our citrus orchard. I posted about them, too!
best, nadia