Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chugging Along

I realized yesterday that I have fallen behind in documenting my quilting, even though work continues on a number of projects.  Part of my time has been spent completing a mug rug for an exchange.  Pictures of that one must wait until I know it has reached my partner in Australia.  It goes in the mail tomorrow.


I’ve also spent some time prepping Jane Stickle blocks.  As one of my fellow Jane quilters commented recently, you spend as much time prepping these little gems as you do sewing, and for me it’s frequently a very messy process.  This is a second attempt on this block because I wasn’t happy with the fabrics or applique on my earlier attempt.


Here are fabrics paired for several blocks, next to the tutorials Doreen has so generously provided.  I’m trying to have several blocks kitted for Sit ‘N Sew days. 
While deciding which blocks to attempt next, I discovered a couple of blocks I had not recorded as complete.  There were also some others, primarily in the first three rows, that I intended to re-do because I had used the same background fabric in too many of them.  If I give myself permission to scatter them in other parts of the quilt top, they might not have to be redone, after all.  I’ll have to give that some thought.


And, finally, here is the growing collection of “Be Attitude” blocks I’ve been making as part of a block of the month.  “Be Positive” and “Be Kind” are ready except for the hand embroidery (including the legs on the ant carrying the cupcake). 

I’ve allowed myself to become over-extended again this year, but I am enjoying the variety. 


Doniene said...

Mary, I'm always amazed at the Jane blocks!!! And "Be" quilt is just so cute!!!! I'm a little strung out too, but am enjoying the process also!!


Hilachas said...

I know what you mean by all the Jane block preps, Mary. It takes me as long to get the preps done as to do the actual sewing. I got K-1 done today. I remember that block you re-did. It was a doozie. Yours turned out beautifully.

Aunt 'Reen said...

What a pretty Jane block. Preparing ahead is very smart, really saves you time in the long run.
Your BE attitude blocks are all just darling!

Diane said...

great projects, I wouldn't call them 'overextending'
I'm finding myself in the same boat and amazed that I'm in this boat and that I was sure I could stay out of it THIS year!