Friday, March 1, 2013

Monthly Jane Stickle Report

I completed four more Dear Jane blocks in February, and there are two more waiting in the wings for handwork, which will be counted in March.  That brings me to a total of 125 center blocks completed out of 169 and I’m still holding at 23 border triangles completions.  Progress, slow, but progress nonetheless.  You can tell from the photo that I was trying to add more red blocks to my assortment.

Wednesday was a bittersweet day for my local quilting group.  We enjoyed a wonderful luncheon at a local restaurant hosted by our two winter Texans.  They will be headed back to Minnesota Monday because the lease on their cabins has run out.  We will miss them, but hope to have them back with us next year. 

This is the group of about 14 quilters that gathers informally at the local quilt shop every Tuesday.  As so often happens when quilters meet regularly, this group has become a very important support network for its members.


Hilachas said...

You're getting a lot of those Jane blocks made. I need to get back to mine but I've been busy on my new embroidery machine. I have 116 center blocks, 11 side triangles and 1 corner block.

Doniene said...

Love those Jane blocks!!! Sounds like a great group!!


AnnieO said...

Love those reds! A group meet every week, that would be heaven.

Diane said...

great blocks-love the reds
quilting groups do become like a 2nd family I think!