Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Anti-Ouch Pouches

Tuesday was Sit ‘N Sew Day with my quilting friends and I managed to finish 10 anti-ouch pouches for breast cancer patients.  I’ll turn these in at the Quilt Club meeting today and see if they have any more kits ready for distribution.

Our rainy Monday yielded 2 2/3 inches in our area.  It wasn't a drought breaker, but at least it gave us a few days’ respite from the drought and high temps.  


Freda Fields Alley said...

Wow... 2.75" of rain is a lot! But it won't catch you up if you're in a drought! However, something is better than nothing...

Love the fabrics for your ouch pouches... what a cool project!

Needled Mom said...

Your pouches are going to be greatly appreciated.

It would be so nice to get a good rainstorm to wash all the dust away. Glad that you got as much rain as you did.

Doniene said...

Again, I'm catching up on all your wonderful posts!!!! Yeah for the rain - we were so blessed - 8" for us and it came just right - slowly with a few little bursts to fill the tanks!! What a blessing!!

Your quilting/sewing projects are perfect!! Love the ouch bags - what a great cause!! and your little flower mat is adorable!!!

Have a blessed day!

O'Quilts said... so here is the link to my adult bibs...I made them for my mother who loved them..easy and reversible filled with preshrunk flannel. I am lost in your blog and do not see what happened to your ranch...sigh..sorry.