Friday, September 27, 2013

Back from Hawaii

I have had very little opportunity to post this month.  For the last 15 days we have been travelling.  

We have just returned from a cruise that took us from Vancouver to Hawaii.  During our five at-sea days, I took quilting classes from Debbie Caffrey and Carol Doak and also worked on a design by Charlotte Angotti.  The cruise was sponsored by Stitchin Heaven.

Our sewing stations were snug.  Fortunately, our kits were pre-cut. 

During our days together I had the privilege of meeting 40+ other quilters.  Since I was travelling with my husband, I did not put in the extra hours that were required to complete the tops while on board ship.  Hopefully that will happen over the next several weeks and I will be posting pictures as I go.

Once we reached the islands we spent our days in tourist activities including a helicopter ride over an active volcano...

Dolphin watching excursions...

and viewing some of spectacular scenery including


We enjoyed sunrises while drinking coffee from our stateroom balcony.

We visited sites held sacred by those of other faiths.

We enjoyed watching beautiful koi.

And we visited the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

We saw this modified traffic sign in Waikiki.  I like the sentiment.

Of course there were trips to quilt shops and packages too heavy to pack in our luggage.

It was a trip of a lifetime.  It was exhausting.  And it was wonderful.  

It has been three days since leaving the ship and I still don’t have my land legs back.  After a five-hour time zone change and a sleepless night crossing the Pacific in an airplane, my internal clock is definitely messed up.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to experience this trip, but it is so very good to be home.


Exuberant Color said...

Welcome home! It sounds like a spectacular vacation with both quilting and your husband.

Freda Fields Alley said...

What a fabulous trip! What fun you had... love that photo of the rainbow... and the STOP ALL WAR sign, too!

AnnieO said...

Sounds wonderful! Looks like some very successful touristing hours spent happily savoring all the activities and sights :)