Monday, October 21, 2013


I --- wonder --- why --- I’m --- the --- one --- in --- our --- marriage --- who --- always --- finds --- the --- SNAKE!!!!!  ( --- and husband is never at home when it happens --- )  Can you see it in the photo?  It blends in, but it’s there.

I was just about to pluck out some errant grass in our flower bed when I saw this guy just inches from my finger tips.

I never got a good look at its head to see if it was triangular shaped.  By the time I flagged down a golf course mower who came to help me out, it was gone from sight…but probably still somewhere around our yard.

Today is a housecleaning day as I prepare to host a group of ladies from church on Wednesday.  After this encounter, I decided I would rather do chores that seem safer…like vacuuming and mopping and dusting, and leave the weeds where they are.

As I can squeeze in a few moments, I am continuing to sew units for the “Let Me Surprise You Quilt” by Charlotte Angotti.  I think I'm getting close to putting some blocks together so I can really see the design.

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