Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quilting and Blooms

I've started the stitch-in-the-ditch part of quilting Pohihihi.  It’s a time consuming process and doesn't lend itself much to photo ops, but I enjoy this stage.  I have to agree with several quilters concerning thread versus pin basting.  It is much easier to work with a thread basted quilt and it doesn't take any longer to stitch than than it does to pin baste if you have the right needles and thread. 

I had to re-order backing fabric for the Charlotte Angotti flimsy because the on-line vendor sold out of my first choice.  I hope it arrives in time so that I can make a trip to the ranch and load it on the frame before December.  I would love to have two of the three Hawaii quilts finished this year.

For several years I have been inspired by the photographs Wanda has posted of her Christmas cactus plants on her blog, Exuberant Color.  When a store in our area had some for sale last year I purchased a plant.  To my amazement, it not only lived, but is in bloom!   About mid-October I moved it to a southeastern window in the guest room and avoided turning on the artificial lights.  The plant began setting buds immediately, and the first finally opened.  I’ve been watching to see if the store where I found this one brings in more this year.  I would love to have another color.  


Hilachas said...

You're moving right along with your quilts. I've never done the thread basting but it seems like a time-saver. I love that Christmas cactus. I have one from last year also but it doesn't look as healthy as yours. Mine has pink blooms (when it has them.)

Exuberant Color said...

Your Christmas cactus looks really healthy. I found that the ones from Wal-Mart 3 years ago had 2-3 plants in each pot when I started repotting them so I planted them in separate pots and all of them are getting big. I hope you find another color too.

AnnieO said...

Exciting to get to quilting stage already, I bet! Pretty plant:)

Freda Fields Alley said...

I love Christmas cactii... tho mine never blooms at Christmas. In fact, it's blooming now... but I enjoy it whenever.

You have a nice sewing/quilting set-up there.. happy quilting!