Friday, December 20, 2013

Sewing Spaces

Today is the final linky party hosted by Vicki Welsh for The REAL Studio Tour. 

Truthfully, it could be argued that my studio location is dependent on whatever point of the quilting process I’m at, and can be characterized by being portable and stow-able.  With the exception of my mid-arm machine, everything else is done in space that has to be multi-functional.  In order to find pictures of some these spaces during the quilting process, I had to delve back into my collection of photos for several years, and a few of these may have been posted before.

 My mid-arm is permanently set up at our ranch house 25 miles from home.  It was the only place we could find that would accommodate a 10 foot table.  (And, yes, if you notice, I have an old margarine tub on top for thread clippings.)

I also have an area there for one of my vintage machines.  It sits on an old dining table that is no longer used for serving meals.  Most of my sewing time at the ranch, however, is devoted to quilting on the HQ since we don't get to spend nearly as much time there as we would like.

Sometimes, especially when working with large cuts of fabric, my cutting table is wiggled out of the laundry room and set up in the middle of the family room.  You can see that hubby has set up operations for his own volunteer work on the dining table.  

If I’m working on smaller cuts, my favorite spot is the kitchen island. The light and height are wonderful and there is absolutely no wobble to it!  (My long-suffering husband would really prefer I not use this area.)

If I’m preparing applique pieces or drafting Jane Stickle blocks, I take over the kitchen table. 

If I’m hand stitching applique or knitting dishcloths, you’ll find me snuggled into my glider in the bedroom with a girly movie in the dvd player.

The nerve center of all this activity, however, is my sewing room where my sewing machines are set up.  It truly is my happy space.  Right now it's configured for machine quilting on my Janome.  The machine I use for the majority of my piecing, is next to it at right angles. My mother would be appalled if she saw how messy I am.

This is the same room from a different angle.  The space is shared with my elliptical and usually one of our two dogs is keeping me company.  Today it is Harley the Corgi.  The old television stand on the left holds my binders of completed Jane Stickle blocks plus sewing tools on the shelves on the sides.

My studio also serves as a second guest room and must be cleared out from time to time to make room for air mattresses.  This is a good thing because we love it when our grandsons visit and it motivates me to tidy up.

I’m linking up with Vicki’s REAL Studio Tour today.


Millie said...

I love the way you said "spaces" because that's just what happens... the projects move all over the house!

Exuberant Color said...

it looks like you have a lot of natural light in there too.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's nice to have different spaces that work so well for whatever you're currently working on. Nice to have such a cute studio assistant too!

Vicki W said...

I think you have the same folding table that I have. In our first house I kept it in the kitchen and pulled it out when needed. Occasionally it found itself covered with a tablecloth and used as a buffet table. You have done a great job of making every space in your house work as studio space!

Kathleen Wilson said...

Loved all of your spaces. I too, am working on Dear Jane blocks. Thanks for sharing.

Impera Magna said...

Love it! The entire house is your quilting studio... just as it should be!

Sharon said...

So nice that you can spread out around the house depending on what project you are working on! I too use the kitchen counter top for bigger projects. Happy quilting!

AnnieO said...

Your whole house is involved in your quilting! I like that :)

LA Paylor said...

Now that was fun!! I like that you showed all the different stations where you work around the house. I do too but didn't think of that!
Leeanna Paylor