Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Workshop Project and Rain Event

The second workshop led by Ami Simms last week involved a technique she calls invisible applique.  It can also be used for hand piecing and is especially helpful when doing blocks with inset seams.  Last night I finished the sample block we were working on in class.  I have not pressed it nor done a final trim on the outside edges because I’m not sure if I will do anything more with it or incorporate it into a project.

Yesterday we had a major rain event.  After the tornado and severe thunder storm warnings were downgraded to watches (we did spend time in our designated safe place), I ventured outside with my camera. 

The run off will continue for several days, but Lake Buchanan is now reported at 41% full and Lake Travis has risen to 65%.  Sadly, the floods also brought loss of life with several people still reported missing.  


AnnieO said...

Interesting block. I hope you're enjoying the new techniques.
The destruction and terror these storms have caused is so heartbreaking, and the loss of life so sad.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

As much as you all need those rains, it's so heartbreaking that they're coming at such a cost.

Sherrill said...

That all looks very familiar although I think every lake in the DFW area is WAY above full (like flooding!). So sad about those people..I was just talking to a guy in Wimberley.