Thursday, December 24, 2015

Stolen Moments, Guilty Pleasures

Christmas Season 2015 has been much slower paced and more laid back than many in our past.  Our holiday visitors from Wisconsin are staying in their own RV and spending lots of time resting up in anticipation of the rest of the trip to South Texas next week.  Our celebration with the grands will be Saturday at their house.  So, I’ve been able to steal more moments for stitching this week than usual, but it still makes me feel a little bit guilty. 

I’m now taking a break from sewing strips of paper pieced triangle squares.  Instead, I’m joining some of the strips I’ve already made into blocks.  It’s still mindless sewing, and very soothing.  Occasionally I come across a strip with an oops like the one above.  Maybe I was just a little too mindless when making that one.

To any who may read this post, I wish you a Merry Christmas.  I hope whatever way you choose to celebrate the season brings you joy and serenity.

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