Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Has Arrived

We celebrated yesterday by going to see the 10:30 a.m. showing of the new Star Wars movie and then spending a quiet evening at home watching (of course) football. That gave me ample opportunity to finish stitching the rosettes together on my hexagon project. Now I will continue adding red hexagons to the outer edges until I think it’s big enough to be serviceable as a throw quilt.  As a point of reference, my design wall is 48 inches wide. 

I’ve already begun basting the outer hexies, but will need quite a few more. 

My triangle strips and blocks for Sue Garman’s Good Golly quilt are coming along nicely.  I’ve finally hit on a system I like.  I work on paper piecing the days I sew with my friends and I de-paper and join the rows on my machine at home.  This makes it possible for me to keep my travelling work packed and always ready for a quick getaway, and all my quarter inch seams are done on the same machine.  

This system paid off this week as I was able to make it to the Club House twice with very little time spent packing anything other than lunch.

My word for 2015 was “Enough” and it served me well.  By keeping it on my mind I was able to divest myself of a lot of stuff that I no longer need or will use.  It’s a process, and I have a ways to go, but I did make progress. This year I have a two-word phrase:  “Trust God.”  It just called to me as I became ever more anxious in 2015 watching world events unfold.

There will be more football to watch today and ham and black eyed peas for dinner tonight (an old family tradition).  I’ll also try to spend a little time at the machine and maybe take a walk.  After all, what you do on New Year’s day is supposed to be what you end up doing all year.


Debbie said...

Sounds like a good day! I like your new phrase for the year. Always a source of strength and yes, the world events are out of our hands, scary as they are.
Your packing plan is a very good one. Enjoy your day.

Frog Quilter said...

Love your hesitate project. So colorful and vibrant. Happy New Year.