Saturday, January 30, 2016

Circles, Hexagons, Granola and Book Journal

I worked on prepping more circle blocks today.  I knew there was a reason I held onto that old fusible interfacing even though I no longer sew garments!  My favorite cup serves as the template.

I continue working on more red hexagons.  By the time I finish, I may not have any red scraps left.

 I also made a batch of granola today.  This is sweetened with maple syrup and is loaded with nutmeg and cinnamon.  Oh, does the house ever smell good.

While working on these and other projects this week, I finished In Plain Sight by C. J. Box.  It was my first “listen” to this author and I enjoyed it enough to download another to my cell phone.  Sadly, my library does not have his complete collection (this was number 6 in a series) in their selection of audio books, so I am having to figure out the characters mid-stream.  Nonetheless, I am very grateful to be able to have access to a library with this free service.  

Do you journal?  This blog is my quilting journal.  I also maintain a small planner as well as a diary.  This little notebook was gifted to me at Christmas 2000 by a dear friend in Alabama.  It used to have a cute little fleece cover that she made, but it eventually became so stretched and distorted I could no longer use it. Ever since receiving it, I have used it as a log of books I either read or listen to during the year.  A spreadsheet would be more practical, because I could sort by date, author or title, but I am so fond of this little book that I don't intend to change.


Gina said...

I'm a newbie to journals. I'm trying to keep one for my quilting. I've listed my UFO's and To Quilts and hopefully having them down on paper will make me start to work through them. I need to keep a book list to I think. I ended up downloading the same book twice to my Kindle last year. Luckily it was one I enjoyed. xx

Debbie said...

On the interfacing.....I go ahead and cut a slit in the center before sewing circle....that makes it easier to turn to the right side.
I journal in spurts....and have multiple ones.

O'Quilts said...

Ha ha...I am queen of the blogging journal...

Anonymous said...

My blog is my "journal", also, although my original intent was for my quilt projects, I put any and all of life's moments on it (as all my readers have become such very special sweet friends!!!!)!