Saturday, March 5, 2016

Exploring the Stash and Cutting Scraps

Yesterday’s quilting activity consisted of cutting and sorting 5 inch squares that I will need for a workshop later this month.  1 ½ inch remnants were cut for my on-going bow tie project.  It is fun reacquainting myself with the treasures I’ve forgotten about in my stash.  Two of my discoveries included a charm pack of Kona solids, which will be very helpful in preparing for the workshop…

…and another charm pack of prints that was gifted to me several years ago.  It will help out Quilty 365.

I’m cutting extra 5 inch squares for use as backgrounds for Quilty 365.  Maybe if I can get a good enough assortment already cut I won’t get so far behind.  I have a lot more cutting to do before I'm ready for the workshop, but fortunately I also have some time.

Of course, I needed a little mindless piecing as well, so I worked on a few more bow tie blocks.

Not much sewing will happen today.  We are expecting a visit from our daughter and 17-year-old grandson (aka Rent-a-Kid).  I have a list of chores including changing smoke alarm batteries, replacing burned out light bulbs, cleaning out a clogged rain chain and hefting 40 pound bags of potting soil for my container garden.  If time permits, there are also some transom windows needing to be cleaned.  


NanaNor's said...

Hi Mary, I love your colors in your first group of squares. I spent most of the week cleaning out my fabric stash as well, folding and ironing and reorganzing. I hope I can keep my sewing closet a bit tidier now. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend and make use of your grandson.
Hugs, Noreen

Debbie said...

Great finds in those hidden treasures! maybe i need to look harder in my closet :) They should help a lot with your projects/class. Enjoying my bow ties too.....I only need a dozen more, so it will be on to the design playtime then.
enjoy the rent-a-kid that.