Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer is Here!

Like so many other places, our weather has transitioned overnight from wet and coolish to blistering bright, humid and hot…prime time in this part of the world to stay indoors and work on quilts and quilt-related projects.

I’ve finally reached a pause point in my Guild Committee work to be able to once again turn my mind to other projects.   In the meantime, my brain-breaks consisted of making potholders for my gift basket stash and knitting dishcloths from the endless cone of cotton yarn I purchased at the library thrift store years ago.

The top two potholders were finished using Diane's technique which she posted here.  The bottom one has a binding remnant leftover from another project and is ready for the finishing hand work.

A Tuesday quilting friend is clearing out her sewing area as she prepares to become a full-time RV-er.  She kindly gifted me with these batik scraps and remnants.

This is the last picture I was able to capture of the babies before they left the nest for good.  Time to do some heavy duty cleanup on the front porch.  I need to get Rent-A-(Grand)Kid to help with the ladder work.


Doreen Auger said...

Yup....THAT season is here!!However, your heat is far more blistering than mine, thankfully! Quilting is always IN season, isn't it??? Why is it that some of those thrift store "finds" seem to last a long time???? Your gift stash is growing nicely!

O'Quilts said...

Awww You make my heart sing with the potholders using my link...Nothing like a potholder...such awesome therapy...