Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Red is a Flimsy

I met my goal for finishing my hexagon top before last Wednesday’s Guild meeting and workshop.  I’m calling it Red because, well it is...  It’s time to take it down and store it out of sight for a while.  Usually I like my work much better after a break.  I have a bit of a quandary on where to trim the outer borders.   It somehow ended up wider at the top than the bottom.  If I even it up by trimming off the top, the print design will no longer be symmetrical.  I would love comments about how to handle this.

The workshops with Becky Goldsmith Wednesday and Thursday were a delight and loaded with information.  By the end of the second day my head was spinning.  Here is my class sample on traditional needle turn applique.  I need to improve my technique for sharp inner points, but I’m no longer so afraid to attempt the technique.  Becky admits to being something of purist.  After listening to her rationale I went out and purchased Orvus detergent for washing fabrics and quilts.

The elliptical has become my friend this summer.  When it’s still 95 degrees at 8 p.m., inside walks are the only way I’m able to get in a reasonable number of steps.  Listening to audio books makes the task more enjoyable endurable.

I’ve also been punching out hexagons for my next English paper piecing project.  The weekly flyer we get from the grocery store is on heavy enough stock to be usable.  I’m also using the inserts from magazines.  As slow as I work, I should be able to easily keep up with my need.  These hexagons measure 3/4 inch on each side.  That's slightly smaller than the design I will follow, but it seems more economical than purchasing the shapes.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It looks like you will have to take off the top border and trim it from the edge that was sewn on if you want to retain the symmetrical print.

AnnieO said...

How much wider is it? If it is only an inch or two, I vote to keep the top as is and call it a design decision. It's going to shrink with quilting and washing anyway!
I've never tried that quilt soap.
Cutting your own papers looks easy with that punch.

Kara Kwilts said...

Here is the cheater's way - make the bottom the new top and you won't notice that it is different lengths, the sides and bottom are the same length and hanging over the bed. The part of the quilt you really see is closer to the bottom of the bed - so that part will still be the focus of the quilt. It is SOOOO pretty! I will gladly take it off your hands if it bothers you too much ;)

Keep on Quilting!