Friday, April 28, 2017

Plans Gone Awry

This week has certainly had its share of surprises.  I had decided to do handwork while sewing with my Tuesday group.  Since I was running late, I grabbed my kit for making hexagons only to discover after arriving at the Club House that I didn’t bring the fabric.   Sheesh…. Change of plans.  I decided to work on my scrappy bow tie project instead.  After dumpster diving and borrowing a rotary cutter I was able to crank out a few on the Singer 404 I leave there all the time.

The second, much bigger,  mess up happened yesterday.  It’s something of a jolt when the 20 guests you were expecting Friday show up Thursday.

We were hosting an end of tax season party for the AARP tax volunteers in our area and dear hubby simply got the date wrong.  It wasn’t as big a disaster as it might have been because two of the other site leaders provided beverages and snacks, but needless to say the house was not in the condition I had planned on it being for the event.  Hubby was a mess after working in the yard all day and the two dogs were in dire need of baths.  The good news is that this turn of events has given me back my Friday, plus the promise of several evening meals out …. Something we rarely do.

I’ve been making these blocks for a group project.  We have had quite a discussion as to whether they are Churn Dash or Shoo Fly blocks.  Whichever is correct, my part in this stage of the process did get done on schedule.

My first batch of five anti-ouch pouches for the May Guild Meeting are complete.


AnnieO said...

Yikes, that's a crowd to face! Glad it all worked out this week. Love the little blocks, I'd call them Shoo Fly as there are plain and not pieced squares around the center.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Those are Shoo Fly. Churn dash has side pieces made from 2 rectangles instead of a plain square.

I think I would have gone into shock to see company a day early and especially so many people. One of my friends always says clean after the company comes, not before.

Debbie said...

Oh my gosh....I echo Wanda. I would have had a dead faint! How did you handle that so well....glad it was not a complete disaster. Love how you saved your work day. Your small blocks are great as always.

O'Quilts said... right...good for you to rise to the occasion...not that you had any

Miaismine said...

Oh my goodness! Twenty people a day early! Wow! It sounds like you handled it with grace! Beautiful Bow Tie Blocks! I hope you enjoy your meals out!