Monday, May 8, 2017


I have definitely been struggling with focus issues lately and decided to try joining in the Sew30SewFUNMay2017 challenge over at Annie's.

Sew 30 minutes a day - Challenge

The goal is to sew 30 minutes every day (with one day off each week) for the month.  So far, I’ve managed to do more than 30 minutes every day with no missed days.

Here is the result so far.  This basket contains 22 bundles of 6 bow tie units.  There are six bow tie units to a row and 6 rows to a block.  I haven’t really decided on how many blocks I will make, but I’m trying to move this project forward.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

30 minutes shouldn't be hard - you can get a bit done in that

Debbie said...

Great progress on the bow ties! A lot can happen in 30 minutes. It is even better when the 30 minutes is longer:) That is why it is good to have projects in different stages...or at least it helps me.
Stick to it.