Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Colorwash360 and other Quilty Stuff

My colorwash project has been the focus of much of my quilting activity the last two weeks.  

After lots of tweaking and helpful coaching, it has reached the point where I removed it from the design wall in sets of rows so that sewing can begin.  This is a project made as part of Wanda Hanson'Colorwash360 Class. I have wanted to take one of her classes for years and it has been a treat to participate.

I’ve also completed 15 anti-ouch pouches which should bring my total for the year to 105.  They will be turned in at the Guild meeting in November.

And, of course, my television watching handwork project of choice remains my red and white hexagon quilt.  (Football and car racing programs are much more enjoyable if I can work on a hand project!)  I mostly had neutrals prepped for basting, but will need to punch out some more paper templates and cut some red fabrics in the near future.

The flooding from two weeks ago has receded but the area lakes are still very muddy.  Cleanup and repair will continue for months.  We were very fortunate personally, but not so for many of my friends.  Bob worked several days helping distribute flood cleanup supplies from the church.  I’ve been trying to help save a quilting friend’s stash by running it through our laundry.  The community as a whole has really come together to help neighbors through this time.

We still see a few butterflies these days.  


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

too much rain! it has been raining here all day and will tomorrow too and I see it in the forecast off and on for the next 2 weeks - I don't mind a little but this is enough - so good of you to try to save your friends stash! Love your color wash

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Mary, it looks great!

Debbie said...

Your colorwash turned out so wonderful. You did a good job with the blending. So glad you enjoyed Wanda's class, from what I have seen the students did so good.
Glad to hear you are ok after the flooding. The waters like that do so much damage and it does take a long time to recover.