Monday, August 29, 2011

No Design Wall Picture This Monday

I’m still cutting, trimming and pressing those half square triangles for my Civil War Chronicles block-of-the-month quilt.  So, nothing is up on the design wall this week.  I hope to get some of the 68 blocks laid out and ready to sew in case I go to Sit N Sew this week.  I had planned on going, but with the heat so intense, I’m not sure I want to make the drive.  On the other hand, I may need some time with friends to preserve my sanityJ.

Austin reached a high of 110 degrees on Saturday and 112 on Sunday.  We’ve about 40 miles west of there and we saw 106.8 on our back porch thermometer Sunday.  It was our area’s 73rd day of triple digit weather in 2011 with Monday and Tuesday this week potentially even hotter.  All this heat is taxing the state’s power grid and that means we are asked to unplug and turn off as many electrical appliances (like irons) that we can during the peak hours of 3 to 7 p.m.  Most folks I know are more than happy to cooperate.  A few summers ago we had to endure a number of “rolling blackouts” and it would be wonderful if we avoid that this year.   

Fortunately, I have several projects in the cutting and planning phases so I can continue to be actively quilting.  Also, my Kindle is loaded up with all sorts of good reads.  I may even use some of this time to clean out a closet, not likely, but it is a thought.

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Connie said...

Now that looks like a lot of trimming!! I'm sorry to hear that your weather has stayed so hot. We had it here in Iowa for about 2 weeks, I can't imagine having it as long as you have. Try and stay cool!