Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sewing has Resumed!

Sunday afternoon, I had the luxury of a few hours sewing without a deadline.  As I was in the mood for something relaxing, I delved into my string pile and resumed work on my Plaid Obsession quilt.  Here is my stack of 48 trimmed up string blocks and 110 sashing strips.  At last I can begin playing with layouts.  I will probably leave the paper foundations on the string blocks until after I have added the sashings.  That makes it harder to remove the paper, but it may make it easier to deal with the bias edges.  Many of the homespun fabrics that I have used are not as stable as I would like.

Even after doing the nine patches and sashings, my box of strings looks fuller than ever.  Hopefully, that’s just because they are all fluffed up from being pawed through.  I still have a pieced outer border to finish, and that should reduce the heap further.  This is my bonus quilt from this selection of fabric remnants and I'm ready to finish so I can play with something else.

Monday afternoon was spent with a good friend who collected my Civil War Chronicles and applique block-of-the-month kits during my absence.   We picked up kits for both July and August last month.  This month we received month 12 of the Civil War Chronicles kits so we could get a jump start on the final border.  It requires 680-1 ½ inch finished half square triangles for the 68 6-inch squares called Hovering Hawks.  I am so glad I purchased the Triangulations Software some time ago which allows me to print out a paper foundation for any size hst triangle I need. 

Tuesday was Sit N Sew day.  Because of our travel schedule and the air conditioner issues at the quilt shop (now fixed, thankfully), it had been a month since I spent any time with the group.  It felt so good to see all of them.  Now that I’m sewing again, I feel like I’m really home.

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LuAnn said...

I love those plaid obsession blocks. I have the pattern and am slowly collecting the plaids. You are making great progress. I love string blocks and how they add interest to a quilt.