Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My First DJ Triangle and the Morning After the Storm

I feel like a celebration is in order.  I have completed my first Dear Jane® triangle.  It is BR-1, Rosemary’s Rainbow.  Thanks again to,  Aunt 'Reen, for a great tutorial.

For years I have heard the quotation:  Texas is a land of drought punctuated by floods.”  I wish I knew who to attribute that quote to.  I did an Internet search and failed to locate a source though I saw it used in reference to numerous places on the globe.  The last 24 hours have certainly proved the truth of that statement.  We were repeatedly awakened last night by the weather alert radio, thunder, and a near hysterical dog.  The rainfall totals were not record breakers but the bulk of the rain fell in a very short time span creating flash floods.  The LCRA gauge on our ranch recorded 3.6 inches and the gauge closest to our house in town recorded 3.74, while our neighbor’s unofficial gauge registered 4 inches.  The water shed that feeds Lake Buchanan at the head of our chain of lakes did not get as good an accumulation, but it did get some.  The lower constant level lakes in the chain are expected to receive enough run off from the immediate area to necessitate opening their flood gates. This should benefit Lake Travis at the end of the chain, which is also at record low levels. Despite the hardship this weather event is creating here and elsewhere, we are so grateful for the moisture. 

This is a picture of the inlet that feeds the pond near our house.  There was no inflow all last summer and we were worried that the pond would dry up entirely.  Today water is going over the spillway.

And here are the two doggies enjoying the quiet after the storm.


Michelle said...

It's funny how animals don't like storms.
I love a good thunder storm....
I'm glad you got some rain too.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Congratulations - your Triangle block is GORGEOUS!
Happy to see the puppies are getting their rest after the storm. Great news that you got some rain too!