Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Jane Stickle…and Rain!

Tuesday was Sit ‘N Sew day.  I confess I sat and visited a lot more than I sat and sewed, but here is G-4, Shutter Bug, for my Jane Stickle quilt.

Yesterday was our monthly girls’ day out and we decided to visit two quilt shops in Llano.  I found some batik cuts for more DJ blocks and we enjoyed lunch on the town square at the Acme.  My mother’s family was from Llano, and I remember when the Acme was a general store complete with a rolling ladder along one wall and racks of ladies’ better dresses that you pulled out from recesses in the wall when you wanted to look at them.  Those days are gone, but our group had a great time.

Here were my batik purchases.

Bob and I spent last night at the ranch.  It was a quick trip to check on the status of everything after the stormy weather we had earlier in the week.  There were lots of tree branches down, but fortunately we did not find any other damage.

… and more glorious rain today.  It’s a little after noon as I write this.  We’ve had .57 inches at the ranch and .8 inches in town since midnight.  I’d be out dancing in it if I weren’t afraid of breaking my neck.  The weather alert radio just warned us about a severe t-storm watch, though, and we do have a flash flood watch as well.  So we’ll be keeping an eye out for not-so-nice developments.


Hilachas said...

I like your DJ block. You're moving right along. Speaking of moving right along, we had to do that when we drove to town today (12 miles from our ranch) and got caught in a downpour. Got back home ok but we're on flash flood alert as well. Supposed to be a big rain tomorrow. I didn't know they have 2 quilt stores in Llano. Wow!

Aunt 'Reen said...

Mary - your Jane block is gorgeous!
Love your batik fabric finds too.
Happy to hear your storm damage was minimum!